What's in it for you ?

MYtv is its one-of-a-kind, premium creator’s space where ownership and exclusivity is key. It is YOUR TV.

  • - Monetise your content.

  • - Customise your channel to best reflect your individuality.

  • - Enhance the “look and feel” of your channel to your liking.

  • - Have an excellent managed-services team that curates, designs, and oversees your promos, trailers, and more.

  • - Access to MYn studios for shoot purposes, free of cost.

  • - Exclusive OTT-like experience for creators and users.


  • - Enjoy absolute autonomy over your content.

  • - Enjoy a perfectly curated web dashboard.

  • - Enjoy unlimited livestreams.

  • - Ad-free content consumption for users.

  • - Connect and promote brands and businesses on MYn.

  • - Set dates and release exclusive promos.

  • - Release your own advertisements.

  • - Customise your channel to your fashion.

A dedicated-managed services team that may just sound too good to be true.

What they do:

  • - Design cool and quirky posters for your content.

  • - Craft trailers and snippets.

  • - Enable exclusive promotions.

  • - Manage your channel on an end-to-end basis.

  • - Facilitate revenue generation.

In a Nutshell:

MYtv is India’s 1st ever creator-centric ecosystem that empowers creators with services, offerings, and the kind of exclusivity like no other platform in the digital space.

Own your business. Be your own business.

Fancy, much?

in disrupting content creation for good.