Frequently asked questions

1.     What’s the minimum age requirement to join the app?

We abide by the app’s rating on Play Store. In case if there is mature content on the app, we make sure to flag it off and advise the viewer to use his/her discretion.


2.     What can I use this app for?

You can use this app to venture into the world of social media, discover content creators, connect with friends and family via chat/call, store your personal memories/logs and communicate/collaborate with your colleagues.


3.     Why would I use MYn?

The app enables you to keep your Public, Personal and Work life separate through the three personas - Public (MYworld), Personal (MYown) and Work (MYwork) - and customise your feed by interest. It has a one-of-kind TV app where in you can browse new content, watch subscribed content, watch/create live-stream content, watch/post pre-recorded content. The app is nothing like you’ve seen before. It enables you to manage all of these facets in one place.


4.     How does MYn make money?

We charge a nominal fee for listing content creators and enterprises on the app. We do not take a cut from any transaction.


5.     Is MYn free to use?

The app is free to download and use.




1.     What is a MYn ID?

It is your Permanent Unique Global Identifier (PUGI). It does not change. It can’t be changed once generated. It defines your unique identity.




1.     What is a persona?

A persona is the image or personality that a person presents in a specific setting-as opposed to their true self.


2.     How do I manage my personas?

Simply switch between personas on the app!


3.     How do I get a Work persona?

Check with your organisation if they are listed on the app. If the answer is YES, ask your employer to create your Work persona. Then simply enter your organisation’s Enterprise ID and your corporate email.




1.     What is a channel?

A medium through which content creators can interact with/reach their audience.


2.     How do I get my own channel?

If you’re a content creator and are looking to own a channel on the app, contact support so that we can create it for you.


3.     Why is MYn better than YouTube for content creators?

MYn enables content creators to own and monetise their content-extract entire consumer value-the way they want to.




1.     Why should I rate a post?

MYn gives you the opportunity to decide what you like, how much you like what you like and what you want to see on your feed.


2.     Why can’t I see who has rated my post?

MYn is about content and what interests users like you.


3.     Why must I tag an interest while creating a post?

Tag an interest while creating a post. It’s important. How else will your content reach the right audience?




1.     How do I message someone on the app?

Share a link via email or DM, then connect with them on your Personal persona (MYown).


2.     How do I sync my friends and family contacts to the app?

Share a link via email or DM, then connect with them on your Personal persona (MYown).