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As an all-hands-on-deck kinda team, we mostly function on over-the-desk creative banters and inappropriate amounts of caffeine. But jokes aside, at MYn, you will find yourself being a part of something that’s more than just work. There is unity, diversity, talent, and an unparalleled sense of belonging to our product and brand which stretches beyond the four walls of the office.While we are extremely active and hardworking,we also strongly understand and enforce a work culture that does not compromise on your personal life. In a nutshell, this is where work meets cool.


At MYn, we are driven by a strong principle that guides every campaign, every move, and every mode of communication that goes out into the world. Two words: Data Privacy. What every internet user needs today is basic control over their personal data – to feel that none of their information is being used for ulterior purposes, to be a part of a safer digital ecosystem where they do not have to worry about digital clones. MYn comes with the promise of absolute web privacy and lives up to it. With this promise, we aim to foster a connection between human and technology for the better, unlike other brands that profit off of the “the more digital, the more detached” ideology. Here at MYn, you will find yourself constantly brainstorming ways to bring people together, to celebrate simplicity, and to amplify our stand on data privacy as we cultivate a healthier, safer, purposeful online environment for one and all.


At MYn, you will constantly find us challenging the existing digital status quo perpetuated by the prevailing social media giants. We take on compelling challenges that confront other apps and brands that profit off of our data by feeding us advertisements, manipulating our views, emotions, and behaviours for the sale of their product. With a strict no advertisement model, MYn ensures absolute transparency between you and our app and secures your online communication sans all forms of commercial interruptions. We are, after all, a super app with the functions, features, and elements of all the apps that you have ever used, so our priority is intact: your online safety. In a nutshell, we are a bunch of audacious beings, standing for data privacy and reflecting our promise in all of our brand activities.

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