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We are India's 1st Super App. We are the go-to icon on your phone for everything you need in your day to day life. Want to text someone? Book a ride? Buy groceries? Scroll through social media? Watch films and shows? Or even work? We have that and more! Sounds like a carnival for data hackers right? But, good news: We strictly follow an absolute data privacy model- collecting no data, targeting no advertisements, and keeping your cyber world as safe as <insert some common reference>.


We could say, “MYn, India’s 1st Super App is a strive towards a healthy and engaging digital experience for creators, local businesses, enterprises, and consumers. An all-purpose system, MYn functions on 100% data privacy and zero targeted advertisements, constructing a seamless and uninterrupted network for its consumers.

As a one-of-a-kind super app, MYn has plenty to offer to its consumers such as interest-based feed, commission-free monetization model, end-to-end encrypted chat, audio, and video call features, potentially infinite cloud storage, department-specific groups for business communication and collaboration, unique experience of four distinct segregated spaces for contextual interaction.” But we know we would have lost you somewhere around “strive”. So, let’s take you to a simpler and structured understanding of the superpowers of our super app.


MYn is focused on creating a system that helps link consumers to service providers, whilst maintaining a safe digital ecosystem for both parties. With a commission-free monetization model, our app is a creator and service provider’s hub wherein they have absolute ownership of their work.

With interest-based feeds, MYn is your anti-thesis to the world of passive internet consumption. Imagine scrolling through a social media feed where everything is of peak interest to you? Yes, that’s the dream, and that’s MYn.

#SuperApp's Super Power

Data privacy. The one and only foundation on which our app is built. Don’t you think we’ve had enough of social media giants harvesting our data, targeting advertisements, influencing our thought process, and basically turning us into passive puppets of the internet? It’s time we broke free from a tech-driven world that’s bent on building our digital clones, and finally be part of a healthier, fun, and SAFER online environment.

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